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Mathilde Vaveau is a French photographer. She has been working in Eastern European countries since 2014 and tends to specialize in the study of post-totalitarian / post-Soviet countries. She deals with photograhy from the point of view of her major interests: history and geopolitics. She has worked mainly in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Georgia, Latvia and Poland.

She is the author of two photographic books on Ukraine "post-2014", tackling war through landscape and architecture as temporal markers. She is also co-editor of 4 books about the same subject.

She has been invited to residency in Ukraine and has participated in several exhibitions in United-Kingdom,Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, Germany and France.

In collaboration with her team, she also gives public talks about the indenpedant publishing process. She has been invited at Fotodepartment and the French Institut in St Petersburg, the Atelier Meraki in Paris, Zoème in Marseilles, The Communplaces Books in Bath, UK, the Sorbonne in Paris.  


Q&A: Mathilde Vaveau on ESSARTER Editions’ Red Utopia trilogy 

Quelques Musées Lettons, Latvia, Riga & Latgale regions, 2017. 
Print on Mat Paper, 40X26 cm, 2018.

Quelques Musées Lettons

Latvia, Riga & Latgale regions, 2017

The Exhibition: One Year Revolv exhibition, private view on the 28th of June 2018 at Safehouse 1, London

Bristish Journal of Photography, "Revolution", December 2017.

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Une exposition photographique proposée par ESSARTER éditions
et l’Atelier Meraki, Paris, à l’occasion du lancement du livre Musée Immédiat.

Du 12 au 15 octobre 2017, Paris

Musée Immédiat est une invitation faite à cinq photographes et deux auteurs à s’approprier le concept d’histoire dans une société civile dont le socle identitaire est détruit, à travers les formes graphiques que sont la photographie et l’écriture.

Une sélection de photographies issues du livre ont été exposées dans la galerie accompagnées d’extraits du livre.

An exhibition by ESSARTER Éditions and l’Atelier Meraki, Paris, for the launch of Musée Immédiat.

From october the 12 to October the 15, 2017, Paris

Musée Immédiat is – through the historical forms of imagery and writing, an invitation to the appropriation of the concept of history in a civil society whose identity base is destroyed made to five photographers and two authors.

A selection of photographs of the book were exposed in the gallery accompanied by text extracts.


The Fabricated Past in a Conflict Country
Ukraine, un livre, une exposition, un café-lecture.
Une exposition individuelle de Mathilde Vaveau
au Praticable, Rennes

The Fabricated Past in a Conflict Country est un livre et une exposition qui donnent à voir une série de photographies prises en Ukraine entre avril et septembre 2015. Si certaines de ces images montrent des architectures ou des intérieurs singuliers, toutes évoquent le passé historique de l’Ukraine qui surgit constamment dans le présent.

Ces images et textes montrent les frontières de l’histoire lues dans le paysage et qui prennent forme en images ; deux sortes d’architectures
sont représentées : les architectures soviétiques et post-soviétiques
mises en parallèle avec les architectures ultra-contemporaines,
souvent inachevées.


Exposition du 16 septembre au 03 octobre 2015

Café-lecture le samedi 26 septembre :
lecture des textes par Laure Matthieu
et présentation du livre et des photographies
par Lou Reichling et Mathilde Vaveau

The Fabricated Past in a Conflict Country,

Ukraine, a book, an exhibition, a café-meeting.
An individual exhibition by Mathilde Vaveau
at the Praticable, Rennes

The Fabricated Past in a Conflict Country is both the title of a book and the exhibition it accompanies, both present a series of photographs taken in Ukraine by Mathilde Vaveau between April and September of 2015.
While some of the images show architectures or singular interiors, all evoke the historical past of Ukraine that constantly surges into the present. 

The image / text set aims to highlight the new limits created in Ukraine between two manufactured pasts: a manipulation and a construction from the one side, from the other, a chaotic defeated past that one tends to depart from.


From the 16th September to the 3rd October 2015

Café-lecture Saturday 26th September:
reading of the texts by Laure Matthieu
and presentation of the book and the photographs
by Lou Reichling and Mathilde Vaveau

Photographer / Publisher 

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